My Proven 5 Step Skincare Routine

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My Proven 5 Step Skincare Routine


Everyone wants clear and flawless skin, right?

I have worked with hundreds of clients with all types of skin and the number one goal for 99% of my clients is that they want their skin to GLOW!

When I ask them what they are doing to achieve glowing skin or what they have tried? The answer varies from I have tried everything to “I only use soap and water on my face”

Which leads me to the believe that most people don’t know where to start on their skincare journey.

They have no idea what they are doing, so they try every new trend or do nothing at all.

I am going to tell you from first hand experience if you want to improve your skin, it all starts with your products.

You have to invest in your skin. And yes I get it there are those people who do absolutely nothing and their skin is pure perfection. Blame it on genetics. Unfortunately that’s not the case for most of us; including me. We have to put in the work, to achieve that glass skin everyone desires.

So choosing quality products that work for your skin is a must. And actually using those products and giving it time to do its thing is equally important. Adding in professional treatments definitely put the icing on the cake.

So I am saying all this to say, invest in your skincare products, create a routine and watch your skin improve.

Now lets get into the good stuff.

All of my clients are encouraged to have a 5 step skincare routine, that will ensure that they will always put their best face forward.

So here’s my 5 step skincare routine.

1.      CLEANSER           Cleansers are necessary for all skin types, because it helps to remove excess dirt, impurities, makeup, etc. I find that just by choosing the proper cleanser for your individual skin. People typically notice that there is skin feels lighter and brighter.

2.      TONER                 I personally like toners and astringents, they do so much from hydrate the skin, remove excess dirt and balances the skin’s pH. So they key with toners is to pick one that works for your skin and a licensed skincare professional can help with that.

3.      SERUMS               Serums are one of the most important skincare  steps in your routine. There are so many serums out there that do so many things so you have got to choose one that’s going to address your needs. I always say no more than 3 is needed.

4.      MOISTURIZER    Everyone needs a moisturizer. Even oilier skin types. They key here is again choosing whats best for your skin. Oilier skin should use water based lighter moistruizers, while dryer skin types should choose a creamier, thicker consistency.

5.      SUNSCREEN        Do I have to wear sunscreen. YES! Why because I said so… (just kidding)

                                                    i.     It protects from UV Rays

                                                   ii.     Prevents premature aging

                                                  iii.     Minimizes hyperpigmentation and sunspots

                                                  iv.     Prevents sunburns

                                                   v.     And more

So this is my proven skincare method for my clients. You should definitely give it a try.

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